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The first quarter was spent in England getting educated. The second was spent in Ireland running small businesses. The third sees me in Languedoc with another small business. The last years I hope to spend in oblivious senility.


Posted December 10, 2007 by Richard Williams

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  1. Greetings
    always interested in devotees of De Scudery.
    Have been writing a novel that explores her map
    and blog on the writer-to-writer page.

  2. Hello, do you actually live in Moux?
    I just bought a house in the village, next to the church.

    Eugenie Cuvelier Degan
  3. I found your site in searching for Mary Horgan. My wife and I bought one of her paintings several years ago (artichokes in a vase). It is a painting that is frequently on our mantle and, when not, always someplace where we can see it. We’ve always intended to write and thank her. We were sitting today talking about where to put what in our new home and that has given me the boot a needed to actually sit down and write. Unfortunately, her website seems to be down. Thus, you are my best hope. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks, Dave Fahey

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